Documenting Religious Persecution Using Memes

Documenting the religious persecution of practitioners of Dorje Shugden by using memes. A meme can be defined as “an image, video, piece of text, etc., often humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.”


False Dalai Lama – The Religious Dictator

3 lying

al jazeera quote

beatings killings

bernis censorship

bernis cta students

bernis death threats

bernis fire

bernis freedom of speech

bernis hate campaign

bernis rational debate

bernis shugden buddhists

burning images

chron dead 7 days

chronical dl quote

chronicle dl quote

cultural revolution events

dalai lama expulsion monks

events choose

events death monks

events fingers cut off

events health

events kundeling

events monks at gunpoint

events no democracy

events signatures

followersofds chronicle2

followersofds chronicle 3

followersofds indian statement

france 24 media

france 24 taboo

human rights

indian constitution

media death

monks beaten

nuns destroy statue

quote dl events

social pressure

swiss tv media

testimony follow teachings

testimony mob violence

tib women assoc events

tyc destroying statues event

who is

who is dorje shugden

who is dorje shugden sakya nyingma

bernis ban

cult dudjom

cult fpmt

dl cult panchen lama

dl cult two karmapas

quote about great masters

followersofds murder karmapa


False Dalai Lama – The Politician

cult of personality

cult witterings

dalai lama cult brand prophet

heaven or hell advertising

heaven or hell tibetans

hidden side pop icon

ken dalai lama cia

peace prize cia

peace prize cia propaganda

pp cia

resources india

resources modi india

revoke landmines

revoke cia deaths

revoke pp aum cult

revoke pp cia money

three reasons tibet

wikileaks est 22


False Dalai Lama – Three Reasons Why He Is A Liar

3 lies free tibet double

3 lies life double

3 lies unity double

3 reasons free tibet

3 reasons tibetan unity